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R.A.I.N. is happy to report the last two years (2009 and 2010) we spent 31,000 providing Spay and Neuter for Cat's and Dog's in our community for the prevention of unwanted animals. Most of this money went to the spaying and neutering of pets from low income families, seniors, feral cats, and unowned animals. We are proud to report, since June of 2008 we have found homes for:

262 Cats and Kittens
62 Dogs and Puppies


A Brief History

We are a Non-Profit organization dedicated to rescuing lost, abandoned, abused, neglected, or unwanted animals. We primarily rescue cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens, including those who require bottle feeding and feral cats who are voiceless and often ignored. R.A.I.N. also works in conjunction with Shasta Wildlife when we get calls about wildlife. We are dedicated to preventing unwanted animals by assisting with the cost to spay and neuter. Once an animal enters our foster program it has a permanent place to stay until it finds a home. NO animal is euthanized (unless it is suffering beyond help). There are no time limits. Some animals are not adoptable, for example, older animals, animals with health problems, or behavioral problems. They stay with us as members of our family for the length of their natural life. Our foster programs main goal is to place animals in their own homes. When one dog or cat finds a home it makes room for another to be saved. This is why we do not charge an adoption fee. R.A.I.N. currently does not have a sanctuary. Our animals are looked after in a network of foster homes. We only adopt out animals that are spayed or neutered, unless they are too young. Anyone adopting an animal that is too young to spay or neuter is required to do so on time.We reconnect with the adopters to confirm this. If financial help is needed, it is provided by R.A.I.N. If an adopted animal becomes unwanted it is taken back in to our foster program.

Our Members

All of our members are volunteers; many have been helping animals in our community for over a decade. There are no paid employees of R.A.I.N. Our funds are spent on food, vet care, spay and neuter (this includes helping people in our community with the cost and feral cats who have no one to pay for them), housing animals, cat litter, toys, fencing, kennels, dog houses, including helping an animal become more adoptable by grooming, training, advertising, I. D. tags, licensing, and vaccines.

Our goal is to run out of animals who need our help.

R. A. I. N. would like to thank all of the wonderful people whose generosity makes our rescues successful!

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